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8 Week Training Program

C.A.K.E. is an 8 week workout program designed to to be time efficient, challenging, and well rounded. With a whole body approach and designed to fit your lifestyle. 6 workouts a week with 3-4 exercises - it only takes 20-30 mins a day! There are 4 Tiers to accommodate all fitness levels - no need to be intimidated! 


The program includes written, verbal, and video instructions provided through my website. You will also be able to reach out to JP with questions or comments at anytime!


Exercise Bands


Minimal equipment is needed to complete some of these exercises- resistance bands, resistance loops, and light dumbbells.

Please use what you have or are able to obtain, the links above are simply what I use and my recommendation. 

CAKE transparent.png


When you decide to join the C.A.K.E program you will be sent a questionnaire, a tasting, that is used to help determine what tier you should start at.

This includes past injuries, medical conditions, fitness history, and current goals.

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