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Perpetual Movement Fitness believes that everyone deserves access to a healthier lifestyle. Our diverse range of programs, located below, caters to individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you're a seasoned gym-goer or just starting out, we have something for you. Each program will provide efficient workouts to help you reach your goals, collaborative coaching, utilize the equipment you have at your disposal, and allow flexible scheduling to accommodate your lifestyle.

The first step is to complete our complimentary assessment.

In approximately 45 minutes we will...

  •  Discuss in detail all of your fitness goals

  •  Get an in-depth understanding of your fitness history

  •  Review any past or present injuries

  •  Analyze your range of motion

  •  Complete a movement pattern assessment.



Movement can happen anywhere and any time not just in a gym. PMF believes that fitness and personal training should be accessible and that includes virtual personal training and coaching sessions.

Offering personalized plans to best fit your lifestyle and goals. 

Empty Gym

Deliverable Training Programs

Our expert trainer designs a four-week program just for you. You will do the workouts on your own and will have weekly check-ins. You'll also track your numbers and any deviation to your program allowing for collaboration. Simple, effective, and tailored to your goals.


Get ready for an experience that's all about you.


Improve mobility, strength, endurance, and overall health. PMF has the knowledge and skills to help you reach your goals- from starting exercise, rehabilitating an injury, training for an event, or general health and fitness.


Movement is endless, always changing and so are you - learn how to adapt with PMF. 

CAKE transparent.png

Consistency Accountability Knowledge Empowerment

An 8 week virtual program for all fitness levels; with daily workouts provided with video, written, and verbal instruction; and access to a personal trainer for questions and accountability.


Working out is a piece of CAKE!

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